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ABOUT PrettyFeetR by AnnaLee Designs

Handcrafted PrettyFeet are created by ElleDee, an artist born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After seeing simple "barefoot sandals" being sold on beaches in the tropics, ElleDee was inspired to create something she could wear at home where it wasn't so "tropical". In the end she has created a style of stunning and unique foot jewellery that makes everyone's feet look amazingly pretty!


PrettyFeet can be worn with bare feet (or flip flops) at the beach or beside the pool, adding   a touch of sophistication and style. They are also a chic all season accessory designed to be worn with shoes. PrettyFeet turn a simple pair of flats or sandals into a distinctive one of a kind fashion statement. PrettyFeet will instantly transform your plain professional heels into dazzling evening wear, ready for any special occasion Glamourous, elegant, bohemian or whimsical, you decide!


Please visit our shopping page frequently, we are constantly adding new designs.



Looking forward to making your world a prettier place two feet at a time!

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